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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: mod_jk and ~userdir issue
Date Fri, 11 Apr 2014 18:35:19 GMT
Doug Tucker wrote:
>> He means : read on about the "JkCopy*" directives under Apache httpd.
> Thank you.  I don't see this directive anywhere, and search google for 
> JkCopy apache or JkCopy tomcat both return zero results?

Sorry, I wrote that too quickly, just before packing in my laptop.
It was "JkMountCopy", and you find it here :

And since I sent you on a wrong track before, here is an explanation as an apology :

When your Apache httpd server is configured to handle VirtualHosts, there are 2 parts to 
the configuration :

1) what is specified outside of the scope of any <VirtualHost>..</VirtualHost>
and which is sometimes referred to as the "main" configuration.
These directives act in fact as defaults for all <VirtualHost> sections, unless they
overridden within any given <VirtualHost> section.

2) what is specified inside a <VirtualHost> section, and affects only this <VirtualHost>.

The point is that the "JkMount" directives which you would specify in the "main" 
configuration part, do not necessarily get "carried over" to the <VirtualHost> sections
defaults. If you want this, you must do something special.
(JkMountCopy in either the "main" part, or in the <VirtualHost>, with a slightly different

syntax for each.)

Similarly, any JkMount that is within a <VirtualHost> section, is valid only for this


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