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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: mod_jk - Failover behaviour and load + patch
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2014 22:21:04 GMT
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On 3/26/14, 9:32 PM, Frederik Nosi wrote:
> My scenario is Apache httpd + mod_jk + N Tomcat's in. The default 
> behaviour of load balanced workers in mod_jk in my testing is that
> when a client requests a page (GET / POST / Whatever), the LB
> worker tries the request to every ajp worker. This in contrast with
> what i read here:
> <>
> Expecially this part:
> When having multiple nodes in a cluster you can improve your
> application availability by implementing failover. The failover
> means that if the particular elected node can not fulfill the
> request the another node will be selected automatically. In case of
> three nodes you are actually doubling your application
> availability. The application response time will be slower during
> failover, but none of your users will be rejected. Inside the
> mod_jk configuration there is a special configuration parameter
> called worker.retries that has default value of 3, but that needs
> to be adjusted to the actual number of nodes in the cluster.
> ... worker.list=lbworker worker.lbworker.type=lb # Adjust to the
> number of workers worker.retries=4 
> worker.lbworker.balance_workers=node1,node2,node3,node4 If you add
> more then three workers to the load balancer adjust the retries
> parameter to reflect that number. It will ensure that even in the
> worse case scenario the request gets served if there is a single 
> operable node.
> From that it seems that the "retries" parameter in a load balancer 
> worker context should mean the number of real (AJP) workers to
> try. (what i need indeed) but in my testing, that LB worker
> parameter is the number of times that all the AJP workers that are
> part of the LB worker get a round retry. In eg, having a LB worker
> with 4 AJP workers, setting LB Worker's retries = 2, the behaviour
> i see is that the AJP workers get called this way:
> AJP1 -> timeout [...] AJP4 -> timeout
> ===> repeat again (retries == 2)
> AJP1 -> timeout [...] AJP4 -> timeout
> --> LB sends an error to the client.
> Now from the online documentation the meaning of that parameter in
> a load balancer worker context is'nt that clear, but from the link
> i provided seems it was exactly what i needed, not the number of
> retries to all AJP workers, but the number of single AJP workers to
> try..
> If that is not correct i can fill a bug report. If instead it's by 
> design, the attached patch adds a new parameter, "lb_retries", that
> does what i need. Of course it's a bit rough, but works.
> Any comments? Am I getting stuff wrong?

I'm bumping this because I can see Rainer has fixed a bunch of things
in mod_jk over the last few days. Perhaps he's getting ready to do a
release or something.

- -chris
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