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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Request for better deployment usability: should be able to specify context root inside war
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2014 15:57:19 GMT
On 31/03/2014 17:43, Sebastien Tardif wrote:
> I understand that Tomcat currently doesn't always support specifying the context root
to be used in a file inside the War.

That is not correct. Tomcat NEVER allows the context path to be defined
by a context.xml file within a WAR.


> Other web server handle this better, like GlassFish and it's very convenient.

Define better.

> Usability is something we should try to achieve.

Define (lack of) usability.

> Since, in all cases, the War will need to be "read" anyway, how hard or costly that can
be to lookup a configuration file and read it?

Who said it was hard or costly?

> I think we cannot mentions "performance" reasons for current behavior since everything
else that need to be done will always be x factor way slower. It's like optimizing string
concatenation become calling a database, that makes me laugh in each project I work on.

You appear to have made the invalid assumption that the current design
decisions were made for performance reasons.

> That issue is the only one that makes the infamous GlassFish looks better so I wanted
to raise it.

Again, define better.

Unless and until you define what use case(s) you believe Glassfish (or
any other application server) handles better and explain why you believe
they are better this thread isn't going to go anywhere useful.


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