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From J Java <>
Subject Websocket stopped working on tomcat 7.0.50
Date Sat, 01 Mar 2014 08:23:18 GMT
I had recently implemented websocket on tomcat 7.0.50. my tomcat runs
behind apache 2.4. I use Strtus 2 and Spring Security. It has stopped

Problem : Websocket connection is opened successfully. Javascript event
handler get fires successfully. Apache logs show that request was accepted
as an protocol upgrade request with 101 code Tomcat access logs also show
the same code 101 for protocol upgrade

However on server side onOpen message is not fired. I tried sending the
message as soon as connection is opened in javascript's event handler..
There is no error in javascript but Server side endPoint's onmessage is
never called just like onOpen is never called.

Here are the changes I made after which it has stopped working:

 Windows Host file : I use dummy host name through Windows host file:

URL of wesocket :

old  :  ws://localhost:86/websocket/filuploadtrackerendpoint
new : ws://

Added virtual host config for apache :

 <Location /jkweb/websocket/>
    Require host granted

JkMount /jkweb/* localtomcat
JkUnMount /jkweb/project/content/*  localtomcat
JkUnMount /jkweb/angle/content/*  localtomcat
JkUnMount /jkweb/index.jsp localtomcat
JkUnMount /jkweb/ localtomcat

ProxyRequests Off
ProxyPreserveHost On

ProxyPass /jkweb  !
ProxyPass /jkweb/  !
ProxyPass /jkweb/websocket/  ws://localhost:8080/jkweb/websocket/
ProxyPassReverse /jkweb/websocket/  ws://localhost:8080/jkweb/websocket/
ProxyPass /  http://localhost:8080/jkweb/
ProxyPassReverse /  http://localhost:8080/jkweb/

Struts 2 :

 changed url pattern for Struts 2 filter from ".action to " /* ". Also
added exclusion   filters
 to strtus2  for webscoket urls :

<constant name="struts.action.excludePattern" value=".*websocket/.*"/>

Everything seems to be working fine as i am gettting no error anywhere in
apache,tomcat,spring security and Struts2 logs.

However on server side no handlers are called?

Earlier I had faced similar problem but it was because I had put
websocket-api jar in my WEB-INF/lib which was preventing websocket
connection from getting opened. No connection is opened but no handler is
called after that and after some time connection is closed obviously
because of timout I suppose.

Here is my ServerEndPoint class :

      package com.jkweb.websocket;

        import java.util.HashMap;
        import java.util.List;
        import java.util.Map;

        import javax.websocket.EndpointConfig;
        import javax.websocket.OnMessage;
        import javax.websocket.OnOpen;
        import javax.websocket.Session;
        import javax.websocket.server.PathParam;
        import javax.websocket.server.ServerEndpoint;

        import org.slf4j.Logger;
        import org.slf4j.LoggerFactory;

       public class FileUploadTrackerEndPoint{
       private static final Logger logger = LoggerFactory
       private static HashMap<String,Session> socketConnectionMap =
new    HashMap<String,Session>();

    public void open(Session session) {
        Map<String,List<String>> paramMap = session.getRequestParameterMap();
        List<String> uniqueTockenValues = paramMap.get("uniqueTocken");
        if(uniqueTockenValues != null && uniqueTockenValues.size() > 0){
    public void onMessage(Session session, String msg) {
        try {
        } catch (IOException e) {

    public static void sendMessage(String uniqueTocken,String msg){
        try {
            Session wsSession = socketConnectionMap.get(uniqueTocken);
        } catch (IOException e) {

and my javascript code :

createFileUploadWebSocket : function(){
            var that = this;
            var uniqueTocken = $("#uniqueTocken").val(),
            wsurl =
            ws = new WebSocket(wsurl);
             ws.onopen = function()
                 alert("opened..") //I get this aler sothis is called
                 ws.send("test");//however this has not effect
error but server end point is not called
             ws.onmessage = function (evt)
                 message =;
                 if(message == "Done."){
                 var currentVal =

$('#progressbar').progressbar('option','value',currentVal <= 80
?currentVal+1 : currentVal);
             ws.onclose = function(evt)
                // websocket is closed.
                alert("Connection is closed..."+evt.code + ":"+evt.reason );

             ws.onerror = function(evt){
                 alert("Connection is closed..."+evt.code + ":"+evt.reason );



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