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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: timeout
Date Sat, 29 Mar 2014 10:19:15 GMT

contrary to the recommended usage on this list, I will "top post" this, because this part

relates to the whole of your communications.

The main intent of this message is : *please help us help you*.

"Apache" is the generic name of at least 30 different software packages "sponsored" and/or

"assisted" by the Apache Software Foundation.
See here :

Among those projects, there exist :
- Apache httpd (see
- Apache Tomcat (see

Each of those has on-line documentation.  Each of those exists in at least 10 
currently-used versions.  Each of those can run on a variety of hardware and software 
platforms. Each of those has several configuration files, and several logfiles.
Each of those has probably more than 10 different "time-out" settings, which apply to 
different things.

So when you write "apache" or "apache log" or "timeout", it does not really mean anything,

because it could be one of many possible things.  So we have to ask again, and again, to 
get some real information out of you.  This is annoying.

On this Apache Tomcat Users's mailing list, there are an average of about 20 messages per

day, by people who have a problem and are looking for help.  And there are about 10 people

who regularly try to help and respond to these messages.
These people do this for free, using their own time. They all have a job apart from that,

so their time is limited, and they tend to focus on questions which are asked clearly, and

which provide clear and precise information that allows to diagnose a problem quickly and

allow to provide quick and precise responses.
And after a while, they tend to ignore people who do not provide such information, or do 
not read the answers that they get, or do not respond (or not in a useful way) to the 
questions asked, or keep repeating the same thing without providing any new information, 
or look like they are not reading the on-line documentation, or look like they are not 
really trying themselves to solve their problem and expect someone else to do it all for 
them; or look like they are not wanting to think by themselves and understand the tools 
which they are using.

Surely, you do not want this (being ignored) to happen to you, do you ?
We do not want this to happen either, which is why would you please answer the following 
questions clearly, for a change ?
(And please put the answer below each question, and not all on top of your message. 
Someone will have to read this, and figure out what is the answer to what question)

On what platform does this all run ? (OS and version)
(under Linux, the output of "uname -a")

What is the version of Apache httpd that you are using ?
(When you restart Apache httpd, this is written in the first line of the Apache httpd 
"error log" file.)

What is the version of mod_jk that you are using ?
(When you restart Apache httpd, this is also written in the first line of the Apache httpd

"error log" file.)

What is the version of Apache tomcat that you are using ?
(under Linux, the output of the command (tomcat_dir)/bin/

What is the version of Java that you are using ?
(same thing, or try "java -version")

Note: some of these answers may not be relevant, in the end, to your problem.  But it 
saves us a lot of time if you provide them right away, because then we can at least 
eliminate in advance some possible scenarios, or tell you what to run in order to obtain 
additional information.

Next :

- when you are mentioning a configuration setting (your "timeout" e.g.), please indicate 
clearly where you set this configuration setting (in what file), and copy the line of that

file in your message to the list.

- when you are mentioning a message from a logfile, please indicate the name and path of 
that logfile, and copy this entire logfile message in your message to the list, as it 
appear in the logfile, without interpreting it or cutting pieces out of it.

- if you are getting an error somewhere, please indicate clearly when and where this error

occurs, without forcing someone here to have to pull it out of you bit by bit over 3 days

and 5 message exchanges.

If you had done all that, then you would probably already have received a couple of useful

answers right away, after your first message to the list, instead of having to read this 

And now, some focused additional comments below.

> @christopher
> in response body i see the usual 500 internal server message

What "response body", where ? in the browser ? in the logfile ?

> @Andre
> Yes apache is my front end to apache tomcat ,  i use mode_jk connector.

Thanks. That is the first useful information that you provide.
Now we are just missing versions..

> Regarding  error message in apache logs i see 500 as reponse code for the
> reqeust and i also see below message

Which "apache logs" ?

> broken pipe : connection reset by peer : writing data to network.

In which logfile did you find this ?
Please copy the entire message line here.

> timeout is the direcive in apache which is set to 300 .

Which "timeout" directive, in which configuration file, of which "apache" program ?
And why did you set this to 300 ? or was this the default value ?

> On Sat, Mar 29, 2014 at 3:05 AM, André Warnier <> wrote:
>> Vicky B wrote:
>>> HI All,
>>> i have configured apache and apache tomcat i.e apache is my http server
>>> and
>>> tomcat is my webserver.
>> The does not seem to make much sense.  Both are HTTP servers and thus
>> webservers.
>> Do you mean that apache http is working as a front-end to Tomcat ?
>> If so, how does one connect to the other ?
>>  i am having an isssue where some of request take
>>> 1-2 min to process but i get 500 internal serer message .
>> The browser does not "invent" this error.
>> It comes to it from the server, as HTTP response with a status code 500.
>> There *must* be an error message somewhere in a log on the server side.
>> (You have 2 servers, so look in both logfiles).
>> It can also *not* be a timeout on the client (browser) side.  If there was
>> a timeout on the client side, it would close the connection with the
>> server, and you would never see this message (because the server could not
>> send it to the client, if the connection was closed).
>> The error pages are quite different between Apache httpd and tomcat,
>> easily distinguished visually.  How does the 500 error page that you get
>> look like ?
>>> IS this something related to timeout value.
>>> The value of timeout in my apache is set 300.
>> what timeout ? what "apache" ?
>>> what could the route cause?
>> Nobody can tell you that, before you tell us what is in the logfile(s).
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