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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: timeout
Date Fri, 28 Mar 2014 21:35:51 GMT
Vicky B wrote:
> HI All,
> i have configured apache and apache tomcat i.e apache is my http server and
> tomcat is my webserver.

The does not seem to make much sense.  Both are HTTP servers and thus webservers.
Do you mean that apache http is working as a front-end to Tomcat ?
If so, how does one connect to the other ?

  i am having an isssue where some of request take
> 1-2 min to process but i get 500 internal serer message .

The browser does not "invent" this error.
It comes to it from the server, as HTTP response with a status code 500.
There *must* be an error message somewhere in a log on the server side.

(You have 2 servers, so look in both logfiles).

It can also *not* be a timeout on the client (browser) side.  If there was a timeout on 
the client side, it would close the connection with the server, and you would never see 
this message (because the server could not send it to the client, if the connection was 

The error pages are quite different between Apache httpd and tomcat, easily distinguished

visually.  How does the 500 error page that you get look like ?

> IS this something related to timeout value.
> The value of timeout in my apache is set 300.

what timeout ? what "apache" ?

> what could the route cause?

Nobody can tell you that, before you tell us what is in the logfile(s).

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