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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: [OT] secure reverse proxy to my tomcat server HELP NEEDED
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2014 00:37:02 GMT

Jeff Haferman wrote:
> Jeff "Top-Posting is not Bad because you have to scroll to the bottom to see what you're
after" Haferman wrote:

quote :

A: Because it messes up the order in which people normally read text.
Q: Why is top-posting such a bad thing?
A: Top-posting.
Q: What is the most annoying thing in e-mail?

Bottom-posting preserves the logical order of the replies and is consistent with the 
Western reading direction from top to bottom.


My comment was not meant to start a flame war, just to remind you (and gently, at that) of

what the usage rules of this list are.  Even if for your own personal communications 
elsewhere you prefer to use another style, when you are going somewhere in order to get 
free help in resolving a problem of yours, and you obtain such help freely given, it would

seem just mere politeness to abide by the customs of the place, no ?

(Which customs are listed here : -> tomcat-users ->

Important, as Chuck already pointed out)

Apart from this, if you want to understand better how Apache httpd handles requests and in

which order things happen (such as proxying via mod_proxy or mod_jk, or things like 
JkMount, SetHandler/AddHandler etc), one of the best explanations I know of, is to be 
found here :

This is related to Perl, and mod_perl (a tight integration of a Perl interpreter into 
Apache httpd), which in itself might not be of direct interest to you.
But in the process, it gives a very good idea of how Apache httpd works internally, 
including at what stages of the HTTP request processing cycle it decides to pass the 
request to the various mod_xxx modules within httpd.
(including mod_jk, which is in fact for Apache httpd only one of the possible 
"response-generating" modules).

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