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From Bill Davidson <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 6 vs. Tomcat 7 vs Cisco Load Balancer vs Java Applet
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2014 19:14:10 GMT
On 3/4/2014 11:01 AM, Christopher Schultz wrote:
> On 3/4/14, 1:26 PM, Bill Davidson wrote:
>> I realized that I forgot a lot of info:
>> Tomcat 7.0.47 on RHEL 5.10 Apache httpd 2.2.25
>> It worked fine with Tomcat 6.0.37
>> The applet is bit-for-bit identical.  It's built with Java 1.1
>> compatibility mode.
>> It's some sort of combination of the load balancer and Tomcat 7 not
>> getting along with each other, but there's nothing to indicate that
>> in catalina.out or mod_jk.log or error.log.
> So you have client (applet) -> Cisco LB -> Tomcat? Or, are there other
> components in the mix? Does Cisco LB speak AJP13?

See above.  I have Apache httpd 2.2.25 in there.  It's the same httpd
I was using with Tomcat 6.

> What component is handling the SSL handshake on the server side?

Apache httpd.

> Just to clarify, the applet works when connecting /directly/ to Tomcat
> - -- without the load-balancer in between? How can the client (applet)
> connect directly to Tomcat if you only have an AJP connector?

I don't think it can connect directly to Tomcat.  Only have the AJP connector and
it's only enabled on the loopback, which the load balancer has no access to.

Only httpd can talk to Tomcat; by design.

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