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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: secure reverse proxy to my tomcat server HELP NEEDED
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2014 20:50:51 GMT
Jeff Haferman wrote:
> The subject says it, I need help getting a secure reverse proxy to my tomcat server working.

Maybe one question here would be : why ?

browser <--- HTTPS --> httpd <-- HTTPS --> Tomcat

The browser encrypts and sends to httpd.
httpd decrypts.
httpd then re-encrypts and sends to Tomcat.
Tomcat decrypts.

and vice-versa on the way back.  That is quite inefficient.

And as your example configuration seems to show, httpd and Tomcat are running inside the 
same physical host, so the httpd <--> Tomcat information does not circulate "outside"
the physical host).
What is the point then of this double encryption/decryption ?

It is more usual in such a configuration to "terminate HTTPS" at the httpd level, like :

browser <--- HTTPS --> httpd <-- HTTP --> Tomcat
browser <--- HTTPS --> httpd <-- AJP --> Tomcat

and use non-encrypted data between httpd and Tomcat, saving yourself 2 
encryption/decryption cycles for each request/response.

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