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Subject Re: unable to start Tomcat through the Windows Services panel
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2014 19:51:16 GMT
I remember installing an older version of Tomcat some years ago and it had
a Setup.exe or Install.exe program in its library which invoked the Windows
installer and installed it as a service.  Some of the documentation for
version 7 mentions the Windows installer but does not provide a link or
gives an actual name.  In some other part of the documentation it says to
download the binary version and expand it in its own directory, which I
did, but I can not find a Windows program that will install it and set it
up as a service.
I am running Windows 7  64 bit and I did download the Tomcat 64 bit binary

I also tried at the command prompt the following to install it as a
service, which I did, but it still will not start through the Windows
Services panel.
tomcat7 //IS//Tomcat7 --DisplayName="Apache Tomcat 7"
--Install="C:\Tomcat7042\bin\tomcat7.exe" --Jvm=auto --StartMode=jvm
--StopMode=jvm --StartClass=org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap
--StartParams=start --StopClass=org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap

Thank you

Javier España
Sr. Technical Analyst
Honda North American Services, LLC.
Information Services Division
ISD Applications
1919 Torrance Blvd.,
Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 781-4514

***Beginning April 1, 2013 my email changed to
Please update your contact information.
Thank you.***

From:	André Warnier <>
To:	Tomcat Users List <>,
Date:	02/06/2014 11:14 AM
Subject:	Re: unable to start Tomcat through the Windows Services panel wrote:
> Andre:
> I used the batch file "SERVICE.BAT INSTALL"  without any additional
> parameters.  Was I missing some parameter?

Possibly.  Depending on your particulat case, you may have needed to
specifiy some option,
and because you did not, it may have placed a wrong parameter somewhere, or
used the wrong
version of some module.
I don't really now, this is just speculation.  But obviously there is
something wrong with
the way your Service is defined.

Or is there a better way of
> installing Tomcat?

If all you want is to run Tomcat as a Service, then yes there is an easier
way : download
the "installer" version from the Tomcat website, and run it.

I am a bit unfamiliar with the SERVICE.BAT file, but I would guess that it
can also be run
to uninstall the Service that you have already installed now.  If it does
offer that, then
run the "SERVICE.BAT uninstall" first, and then run the "installer" that
you downloaded.
You can install it in the same directory as before, and it will just
overwrite some files.

As others have testified before, the installer version works fine and does
the right thing

Note that the "installer" version does not install all the files which are
contained in
the zip version, only the subset of them needed to run the Service version.
It does not
for example install the BAT files, since they are not needed to run the

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