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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: How to deploy class jar file without restart Apache tomcat 7.0.40 server(Linux OS)
Date Sun, 02 Feb 2014 19:34:45 GMT
> From: Christopher Schultz [] 
> Subject: Re: How to deploy class jar file without restart Apache tomcat 7.0.40 server(Linux

> > Our web application contains both .war as well as .jar's file.

Not possible.  It's either/or, not both - if the webapp is built properly.  You may have added
.jar files elsewhere that really should be included in the .war file.

> > When ever we changes our service layer code it will be in .jar
> > file which also deploying in tomact server. I just want avoid
> > restarting server for changes  in .jar file.

> As long as your web application redeploys cleanly (e.g. does not leak
> memory -- particular ClassLoaders), you should not have to restart
> Tomcat just to reload a web application.

I have a suspicion that the OP painted himself into a corner by having a .war file for most
of the webapp but then dumping some .jar files that the webapp depends on into Tomcat's lib
directory - a really, really bad idea.  Such .jar files should be part of the .war file, not
in some accidentally associated location.  Perhaps this is another instance of trying to save
disk space by putting common .jar files in a single location for use by multiple webapps,
rather than properly including them in each webapp.  Whatever is going on smacks of poor application
deployment methodology.

 - Chuck

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