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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: unable to start Tomcat through the Windows Services panel
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2014 17:00:07 GMT
André Warnier wrote:
> Hi.
> wrote:
>> OK, this is what I see in the Event Viewer under General tab
>> "The tomcat7 service terminated with service-specific error Incorrect
>> function.."
> Let's start from the beginning.
> If you don't get logfiles in the Tomcat/logs directory, then chances are 
> that Windows does not even begin to run Tomcat, and that there is an 
> error right at the start, when it tries to run it.
> So first read this :
> That will explain /what/ you are actually running, when you (try to) run 
> Tomcat as a Service in Windows, and why it is different from running 
> Tomcat in a command window.
> Go ahead, read it, we'll wait right here.
> ... some time later :
> Now you know
> - that tomcat7.exe is a Windows executable program
> - it is the program which the Windows Service Manager tries to start, 
> when you start the Tomcat7 Service
> - but tomcat7.exe is not really Tomcat; it is a "wrapper" program that 
> runs the Java JVM which in turn runs Tomcat.
> And to start the Java JVM, and pass to this java JVM the appropriate 
> parameters, tomcat7.exe reads these parameters from the Windows Registry 
> somewhere.
> And to be nice, the Tomcat developers have even provided a specialised 
> GUI editor, that allows you to view, set or modify these Tomcat Registry 
> parameters that are used by tomcat7.exe.
> And that is the program tomcat7w.exe.  So go ahead now, double-click on 
> tomcat7w.exe, and look at the information it shows in the various tabs.
> That is probably where something is wrong.
> Or else what is wrong, is that the version of tomcat7.exe that you have 
> installed, does not match the version of Windows that you are running.  
> For example, tomcat7.exe is a 32-bit program, but your Windows PC runs a 
> 64-bit version of Windows.  Or vice-versa.
> Or that in the Service definition of the Tomcat7 Service, the path to 
> tomcat7.exe is incorrect.
> You see that path in the first tab of the GUI.
Correction :
(it's correct in the FAQ, but wrong above)

The tomcat7.exe 32- or 64-bit version must match the 32- or 64-bit version *of the JVM* 
that you are running, not the version of Windows.

Of course, on a 32-bit Windows you can only run a 32-bit JVM, but I suppose that's not 
your case.
You /could/ be running a 64-bit JVM, and be trying to start it with a 32-bit tomcat7.exe,

and that would not work.

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