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From chris derham <>
Subject Re: Tomcat strips CRLFs from the generated page
Date Tue, 14 Jan 2014 09:30:38 GMT

> As I said before, I have no control over the input text. In the test
> servlet I am simply reading text from a file and sending it out to the
> browser. No other processing has been done to the text by the servlet. The
> browser, however, receives a page with CRLF stripped starting from a
> certain point in the text.
> If I View source in the browser, I can see that happening.
> This is consistent over most operating systems (Windows and Linux) and most
> browsers (IE, Firefox and Chrome) and the stripping happens exactly at the
> same point onward, in all combinations of OS and browser.
> My question is: who is stripping the CRLF from the text? Is it Tomcat or
> the browser? Is Tomcat doing any validation of the text before sending it
> out to the client?

I believe that all of this has been understood by the people that
replied to you. Their suggestions are trying to help "tidy" things up,
so that is easier to see the wood for the trees. In other words if you
take their suggestions and fix the issues as they have suggested, then
the problems

a) might go away
b) it will be easier once the confusion is removed to see the real
cause of the problems
c) you leave a better set of files for the next person (or even
yourself 6 months plus) who has to maintain them

So please apply all the fixes as suggested, then repost new links to
the updated files.


P.S. also the custom on this mailing list is to reply below the post
to which you are replying. You can see how I have quoted the relevant
portion of your email, and then added my reply below

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