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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: [OT] Out of memory exception - top posting
Date Thu, 23 Jan 2014 23:09:21 GMT

Christopher Schultz wrote:
> Hash: SHA256
> André,
> On 1/23/14, 2:08 PM, André Warnier wrote:
>> Ray Holme wrote:
>>> Doing anything as root conceals the errors. Tomcat is no
>>> exception and changing it to a real user makes your testing
>>> complete.
>> Guys, I think that the rule (or should I say suggestion ?) on this
>> list to *not* top-post is not working. Either people don't read the
>> rules, or they do not understand the rule, or they just ignore it.
>> Anyway, it seems that we're spending more time lately asking people
>> to not top-post, than actually providing answers to their
>> questions.
>> So I have a few suggestions of my own : - have the list software
>> add a message in *bold* to all messages, indicating that top posts
>> will be *ignored* ? - just ignore top-posts ? - drop the rule ?
> - -1 to all three. Tomcat (and the ASF as a whole) is a community, and
> our job as ... vocal? members of the community is to help meet the
> needs of that community. If top-posting irritates us, we just have to
> ask that people help us help themselves.
> But simply summarily ignoring top-posted replies is childish. If the
> top-posting becomes intolerable (it happens sometimes, especially when
> there is a complex thread going on and someone - usually the OP -
> continues to top-post), then feel free to stop replying. But don't
> crucify people for top-posting alone.
> Some people can't figure out how to reply properly. Just gently remind
> posters of the rules and get back to business. There is no need to
> reply to a post by simply saying "Don't top-post" and leaving it at
> that. Save your own time and the time of everyone else on the list
> (and the archives, where useless messages can't be removed) and just
> skip that step. If you want to reply meaningfully, feel free to add
> the "don't top-post" somewhere in your reply.

In a general sense, I do agree with all of that.  "Be tolerant of what you receive, and 
strict in what you produce" and that kind of thing.

It's just that top-posting /is/ really annoying on this kind of list.
And also that it takes quite a lot of energy to politely ask someone to not top-post, and

give them the reason why, and point them to the list rules.

Might there be some kind of "macro" in the Tomcat list server, which would allow us to 
paste such a statement into a response, with just a couple of keystrokes ?

As a matter of fact, a few such macros would come in handy. On a historical and 
statistical base :
[TOP] Please don't top-post, because..
[VER] Please provide Tomcat version, Java version, platform OS & version
[OLD] That version of Tomcat is %d years old. You should upgrade to the latest version, 
which has many more features and fixes for the latest security issues.
[CONF] Can you post the relevant bits of your configuration here (server.xml) ? Please 
paste it in-line, don't send it as attachment, the list strips them. And remove comments 
and any sensitive information (passwords etc.)
[RTFM] Please check the on-line documentation at
[PAW] Patches are always welcome
[HTTPD] This is the Apache Tomcat list, your question relates to Apache httpd, see
[SPEC] Please check the Java Servlet Specification at ..
[COMP101] Is this a school exercise ?
[BUG] It's not a bug, it's a feature
[FEAT] Could you create a Bugzilla entry ?
[ASAP] Tomcat is open source and free. This list is manned by volunteers. If you would 
prefer instant gratification, please consult the list of commercial Tomcat consultants at..
[CAPS] (alias of [ASAP])
[$] (alias of [ASAP])
[CON] It's Context, with a capital C
[CON2] Don't do that (put your <Context> in server.xml).
[2C] Just my 2 cent

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