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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: Status of mod_jk-1.2.38
Date Wed, 08 Jan 2014 19:45:18 GMT
On 08.01.2014 18:25, Martin Knoblauch wrote:
> Hi,
>  happy New year. Should be still early enough for this :-)
> I have one short question: what is the status of mod_jk-1.2.38? It has been
> over a year since 1.2.37 and I am just curious. I am specially interested
> in an "official" fix for *Bug
> 53762*<>.
> The patch mentioned there works, but cannot be used due to an "only
> official releases" policy at the customer site.

I did some more changes lately due to a user request which need some
more testing. I expect that we'll do the 1.2.38 release during the next
4-8 weeks. I have to ask Mladen about the status of his IPv6 changes though.

> On a related note: is mod_jk still the preferred way for HA and
> load-balancing tomcats? Are there better ways? Our environment is currently
> httpd/mod_jk/tomcat on Linux.

Better or worse depend on your requirements. I think mod_jk is still
working very well and has some unique advantages.



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