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From Cyrille Le Clerc <>
Subject Proposal to contribute a SyslogAccessLogValve to the Tomcat project
Date Wed, 11 Dec 2013 18:49:33 GMT
Dear Tomcat community,

We at CloudBees implemented a SyslogAccessLogValve that outputs the
access logs to a syslog server.

The support of Syslog is more detailed that what we can usually find
in java logging libraries as it allows to
* configure all the syslog header fields: appName, source hostname,
severity and facility
* format syslog message according the RFC 3164 and to RFC 5424

Would the Tomcat project be interested in such contribution?

This contribution is composed of:
* An object oriented model of a syslog message
* A Syslog UDP message sender
* Refactoring: split of the existing AccessLogValve into
** AbstractAccessLogValve: the logic to format the access logs
** AccessLogValve: the logic to write the access logs in rolling file
* The SyslogAccessLogValve that extends the new AbstractAccessLogValve
and relies on the Syslog message sender

It could be interesting in the future to:
* add a Syslog TCP sender (RFC 6587) and a TCP-TLS sender (RFC 5425)
* add a Syslog appender to java.util.logging

The existing code is available here, I have made few enhancement to
the code that would go inside Tomcat:

Please let me know if this contribution could interest the community,
I would then be happy to send a pull request if this format is
accepted or to submit a diff on bugzilla.


PS: I already signed an ICLA when I was a committer on Apache CXF and
I already contributed to Apache Tomcat (RemoteIpValve, RemoteIpFilter
and ExpiresFilter)

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