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From <>
Subject RE: PersistentManager + JdbcStore
Date Fri, 08 Nov 2013 20:42:51 GMT
> Multicast is not a requirement, that just defines how Tomcat 
> nodes will locate each other.  Since multicast is not 
> available for you, you could statically list your Tomcat 
> nodes in your configuration.
> eptor.html#Static_Membership

a) Since instances come up and down occasionally and IPs are not fixed, this
is not an option on AWS.
b) Furthermore DeltaManager is not applicable for large instances counts and
BackupManager is impossible too, because of a).

> > I think I will fix the DynamoDB-Sessionmanager.
> Also an option.  

Already in process it seems ;)

I hope they will use the code from tomcat for managing the classloader

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