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From Leo Donahue - OETX <>
Subject RE: Baked-in context paths
Date Tue, 05 Nov 2013 20:47:29 GMT
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>From: Christopher Schultz []
>Subject: Re: Baked-in context paths
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>I think it's worth pointing-out that the original discussion (at least from BZ) was
>about browser-facing links, not just named files as you have above.

I am also talking about browser facing links.

>To be clear, Milo wasn't objecting to "static links" -- that is, stupidly putting <a
>href="/contextname/path"> into a page where "contextpath" if changed would
>require you to edit every page on your site.
>- -chris

I'm not sure I meant it that way.

Another example:   If you have Firefox, view the image info for the globe icon
in the upper left.  It should be relative to the "root" context.

http://gis.rdsa/  This same image is referenced via the context
path for "oppositioncase" and physically deployed in this context's path, since it would be
of no use if I wanted to move this and only this web app to another domain.

The source code for side_nav_left.xhtml in the oppositioncase context:

				<div class="divcontent">
					<h1 class="color_header">
						<a href="/index.xhtml" class="home" title="PlanNet Home">Home</a>
					<div id="leftnav">
						<div class="leftnavlogo">
							<img alt="PlanNet Logo" title="PlanNet Logo" src="resources/images/PlanNet.gif"
/><br />
						<hr />
						<table width="100%">
								<td colspan="2">
								<td align="center" colspan="2">
									<div class="leftnavspacers">
										<a class="fade_upper"
											title="PlanNet Help Topics" target="_blank">PlanNet Help Topics</a>

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