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From <>
Subject RE: PersistentManager + JdbcStore
Date Sat, 09 Nov 2013 13:42:16 GMT
> > > I think I will fix the DynamoDB-Sessionmanager.
> > 
> > Also an option.  
> Already in process it seems ;)
> I hope they will use the code from tomcat for managing the classloader
> issues.

Well, just realized that this Manager is based on PersistentManagerBase.
So I see no improvement in terms of reliability, because it still writes the
data async into DynamoDB.
I even cannot see the reason why they created DynamoDBSessionManager,
DynamoDBSessionStore would have done the job too then.

Looking into the Manager interface (public void backgroundProcess()) tells
me, that it seems to be always async?

So what is the right stategy to distribute sessions across an arbitrary
amount of servers with a 100% guarantee that the session will be found at
any time on any server?

Thank you

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