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From Jay Vee <>
Subject how to bounce tomcat remote?
Date Wed, 06 Nov 2013 21:27:00 GMT
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>>On Nov 5, 2013, at 6:36 PM, Jay Vee <> wrote:

>> I need to bounce tomcat (run a stop, startup script) but from a remote
>> machine.
>> SSH will not work.
>> Tomcat runs as 'tomcat_user' and this user is not a ssh user so we cannot
>> ssh into a box using this user.
>> We have to ssh into the box with our exchange credentials and then $sudo
>> - tomcat _user
>> to do the startup / shutdown.
>Why does this not work?  Are you trying to automate the process in some
  Yes of course, we are trying to automate the deployment of a .war, bounce
  This whole deployment pipeline thing just might catch on and we want to
jump on the
  band wagon just in case it does.

>If so, maybe look at configuring SSH & sudo.  They are pretty flexible.
 For example,
>you could enable key based authentication (i.e. password-less login) for
your SSH user and
>configure sudo to allow your user to run the startup / shutdown scripts
without a password.
> With that you could do a one command restart.
  This is a no go.  I am not in the sys admin department.  If I ask them to
configure SSH & sudo
  they will freak no matter how rationale my argument is.  We have access
to the machines with
  out exchange/ldap login and then we sudo su to root.  So this is why I
posted the question.

>> Is there any other way to programatially stop/start comcat?
>There's the shutdown port (or perhaps System.exit() called from an app),
but that's just to
>stop Tomcat.  Once it's stopped you'd need to start it again somehow.
  I will look up the shutdown port.  How would one programatically use the
shutdown port to shut
  tomcat down?

>The solution you're looking for here is going to be external to Tomcat.
  Yes this is expected.  (bounce tomcat remote).  I am running a script on
another box and want to bounce tomcat
  with a script (ant/maven or something else)

>Tomcat cannot restart
>itself because once Tomcat's process exits, its code is no longer running.
 Thus there is
>nothing to trigger it to start again.  You need something outside of
Tomcat like a script,
>monitoring utility or service daemon to do a true restart.
  Yes, how would I do this? any other solutions?

>Commons Daemon would be the first thing to check out since it's included
with Tomcat, but
>there are tons of other options.
  Awesome, I will check that out.  But with commons-daemon, I would think I
still need ssh access
  as root to execute a script.

>> Ideally I would like to do this with gradle but there is no plugin so
>> gradle tomcat plugin ( only works on a local tomcat, not a remote )
>> gradle cargo plugin ( does not have a task that will stop & restart
>> Unfortunately gradle is a bit lacking at the moment, ideally a single
>> to a gradle or ant task would be nice to bounce the server ( from a
>> machine ).
>> thanks
>> J.V.

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