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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: [OT] [Fwd: TomEE Professional Support]
Date Wed, 13 Nov 2013 21:45:48 GMT
Gurkan Erdogdu wrote:
> This email does not have any relation with my activities in ASF and its projects. Its
solely related with my marketing team in which how you get emails. If I thought that it will
be a spam, would I put my email address to sender? I think no! We thought that you can benefit
from this email.
> Anyway, I closed the discussion from my side! If you are really feeling bad now because
of receiving such email from me, please unsubscribe the list. 
> Cheers.
> Gurkan


I am not an Apache committer, but I do contribute from time to time to the Tomcat Users 
lists, using my free time to try to help others.

It annoys me in general when I receive unsollicited advertisement emails.
It annoys me all the more when these unsolicited advertisement emails come from someone 
who obviously used an email address scraped (or worse) from a list to which I participate.
And even more so when it turns out that the person at the origin of it is someone who 
should be aware of at least some ethics commonly accepted in the Open Source world.

I did not choose to be on your marketing list.  Why should I have to inconvenience myself

by "opting out" of it by sending some email to someone or something I do not know, at the

risk of my email appearing on even more such spam lists ?
(Do you happily click on all the "unsubscribe" links that you receive ?)

So please, since you were the one to put me on that list against my will, take the burden

yourself of unsubscribing me right now.

In any case, if the objective was to gather favorable potential customer attention, the 
reactions so far on this list should have shown by now that the result is rather negative.
On this type of list that was quite predictable, which doesn't speak very well for your 
marketing team's sense.
And you haven't helped your case by your own reactions so far.

Since this correspondence will stay in the list archives, maybe it will help deter others

in the future.  Aleluia.

Note also that if the objective was to advertise your capacity to provide professional 
help for matters related to Tomcat, there was a better way to do that all along :

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