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From "James H. H. Lampert" <>
Subject Re: WARs getting re-extracted in DST change?!?
Date Tue, 05 Nov 2013 18:56:05 GMT
In the first place, Konstantin was not the OP; I was.

In the second place, NOTHING was being updated at 1:00 AM this past 
Sunday morning; we were not out of bed. The ONLY thing the incidents 
have in common was that they started, on any given machine, AT 1:00 AM 
ON THE MACHINE'S OWN TOD CLOCK, which is EXACTLY when the TOD clocks 
were adjusted for the end of DST.

In the third place, according to the log entries (as excerpted in my 
last posting from yesterday) it was not ONE context on ONE machine that 
got forcibly redeployed without human intervention; rather, the logs 
show that Tomcat TRIED to redeploy EVERY context on EVERY ONE of our 
installations, and the directory creation dates show it SUCCEEDED with 
everything that had a WAR file in WEBAPPS.

The questions remain:

1. Does turning the autoDeploy and deployOnStartup flags off affect the 
ability to deploy updated WAR files from the Manager?

2. Does manually removing WAR files after deploying them have any nasty 
side effects, like undeploying the contexts?

And a third, new question:
3. Deploying a context to a remote machine by uploading it through 
Manager is a long, slow process. Is there an easy way (presumably from 
Manager?) to deploy a WAR file that's already present on the machine?

James H. H. Lampert

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