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From David Bullock <>
Subject Re: In Tomcat JULI, do the 'facility specific' loggers become per-webapp logger roots?
Date Wed, 09 Oct 2013 13:25:55 GMT
On 9 October 2013 23:33, Christopher Schultz
<> wrote:

> On 10/8/13 11:03 PM, David Bullock wrote:
> > Please answer at Stackoverflow, and I'll report the results back to
> > this list:
> >
> Um, no.
> If you want to ask this community, then ask here. If you prefer the SO
> community, ask there. Feel free to ask both. But don't come here and
> tell us to go somewhere else to help you.

Sure, it was more of an option for convenience, rather than a demand.
Some answerers might prefer it, since email is so inefficient for this
kind of discussion.  My offer to post the results back here shows I
wasn't attempting to replace this list as a forum.

> > This intent behind this question is very similar to that asked in
> > 2011: "How to externalize a webapp's", but it
> > was never adequately answered:
> >
> >
> The answer was "no, you can't do that".

Oh you're right.  The last 2 messages of the thread didn't appear in
my initial search.  Sorry about that.  True, not to my satisfaction.

> Dan used
> one of those suggestions to effect a working solution.

Nice.  Virtual Class Loader seems like a good general solution to the
problem that's been un-necessarily introduced by JULI, as well as many
other similar problems.

> Or, fix your packaging and/or deployment so that it builds the correct
> WAR file for your environment.

No thanks.  The WAR is the distributable unit.  All
deployment-specific information must persist in the container between
re-deploys, and therefore must not live in the WAR itself.  Why the
creators of JULI thought it would be a great idea to require a
WEB-INF/classes/ is beyond my comprehension.


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