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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: Different handling of -Dfoo="bar" between versions
Date Thu, 03 Oct 2013 15:01:40 GMT
> From: Steve Arch (sarch) [] 
> Subject: RE: Different handling of -Dfoo="bar" between versions

> AWS's tools pass the values to tomcat.

This is not an adequate description.  Tomcat must be launched by some mechanism, such as the
java executable, JSVC service wrapper, class loading from some already running Java application,
etc.  What's being used here?

> I supply a set of key:value pairs and AWS (ElasticBeanstalk) passes them to 
> tomcat via the command line.

Exactly what command line?  Tomcat itself is just a set of class files, not an executable.

> Something has changed between version 24 and 37 in Tomcat when it parses the 
> JVM options (-D).

Again, Tomcat does not parse command line options and has absolutely nothing to do with the
JRE-supplied System class.  The launcher used to start Tomcat does parse the command line;
Tomcat has no built-in launcher.

> Mikolaj's response says that the input was illegal anyway (quotes have 
> to surround the whole string: "-Dfoo=bar" or "-Dfoo=bar bar" rather than
> -Dfoo="bar bar").

> As long as I know that -Dfoo="bar" is illegal syntax

It's not illegal (and Mikolaj never said it was), but it may not be what you want.  When quotes
come after the equals sign, they are part of the value; quotes surrounding the entire expression
are stripped off by the shell when creating the argument list for the executable.

 - Chuck

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