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From Edoardo Panfili <>
Subject can't connect to manager application
Date Thu, 17 Oct 2013 16:45:30 GMT
My Tomcat (7.0.42) is listening on port 7080 and I have this 
conf/tomcat-users.xml in (production server)

<role rolename="manager-script"/>
  <user username="myname" password="pwd"
if I use

curl -u myname:pwd 

the response is--------------------------
    <h1>404 Not found</h1>
     The page you tried to access
     does not exist.
     The Manager application has been re-structured for Tomcat 7 onwards 
and some
     of URLs have changed. All URLs used to access the Manager 
application should
     now start with one of the following options:
       <li>/manager/html for the HTML GUI</li>
       <li>/manager/text for the text interface</li>
       <li>/manager/jmxproxy for the JMX proxy</li>
       <li>/manager/status for the status pages</li>
     Note that the URL for the text interface has changed from
     &quot;/manager&quot; to
     You probably need to adjust the URL you are using to access the Manager
     application. However, there is always a chance you have found a bug 
in the
     Manager application. If you are sure you have found a bug, and that 
the bug
     has not already been reported, please report it to the Apache 
Tomcat team.
on my local machine all goes well (same tomcat version but on port 
8080), can't figure what is different on production server... where can 
I take a look?

Some release ago (tomcat 7.0.x sorry, I can't be more precise) all was 
well also on production server. Maybe i did something wrong during an 

thank you

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