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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Override logging
Date Tue, 08 Oct 2013 14:43:37 GMT
Geoff Meakin wrote:
> I've been asked to host a couple of tomcat thirdparty webapps which all
> have either or log4j configurations (internally).
> My question is, as a sysadmin who only gets to run the tomcat container,
> can I override all the logging configurations of my apps. For example, I
> dont use disks to log, I use syslog, and want to force all tomcat logs to
> go over syslog.
> I've read all the docs on JULI and log4j, and my head has exploded, and I
> appreciate there are ways to do this in the properties file of the app
> itself. However, I can't change the apps, and want to override all at the
> container level. Is this possible? I can't imagine that it wouldn't be.


> Hope this isn't too much of a n00b question.

No, it isn't. It is a very good question, very relevant to people such as you (and I) who

mostly have to manage tomcats rather than developing apps for tomcat.

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