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From Chris Arnold <>
Subject Re: Multi-URL Access 1 Webapp
Date Wed, 23 Oct 2013 16:06:00 GMT

>mod_proxy_ajp and mod_jk are roughly equivalent though with wildly
>differing configuration syntax. Also, mod_jk has quite a few
>additional options that have made it always the right choice for me.

>Using mod_rewrite seems completely unnecessary.

>Something that you are doing that complicates your configuration is
>trying to map / on httpd to /share on Tomcat. Why not map / to / ? All
>you have to do is re-name your webapp from whatever.war to ROOT.war
>(note capitals are required, even on case-insensitive filesystems).

>With that simplified configuration, you need only do:

>   JkMount /* workerX

>for mod_jk or

>   ProxyPass / ajp://tomcat-host:tomcat-port/
>   ProxyReversePass / ajp://tomcat-host:tomcat-port/

>for mod_proxy_ajp. Or, use mod_proxy_http by using an http:// URL
>instead of ajp://.

ProxyPass / and
ProxyPassReverse / and

do not work. Now i am back to i am not sure if this is a tomcat problem or an apache problem

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