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From Michael Martin <>
Subject Updating a context.xml within a Cluster
Date Mon, 14 Oct 2013 09:01:04 GMT

Hoping someone could help with this...

I have a tomcat 7.0.32 cluster, which isn't used at all for session persistence or load balancing
(there is no apache http), but instead just for auto-deployments using FarmWarDeployer.

It currently works, so I add my applications .war file to one, and it auto deploys on to all
the other instances.

However, I have been told it should be possible to have the same set-up with the context.xml.
So if I amend one, it the changes are copied to all other instances within the cluster. From
the documentation, I'm unable to find any mention of this. So I'd just like to confirm - is
this possible at all, or have I been told incorrectly?

My server.xml cluster config is below:

<Cluster className="org.apache.catalina.ha.tcp.SimpleTcpCluster"
               channelSendOptions="6" channelStartOptions="3">
        <Manager className="org.apache.catalina.ha.session.DeltaManager"
                 expireSessionsOnShutdown="false" notifyListenersOnReplication="true" />
        <Channel className="">
          <Receiver className="org.apache.catalina.tribes.transport.nio.NioReceiver"
                    autoBind="0" selectorTimeout="5000" maxThreads="6"
          <Sender className="org.apache.catalina.tribes.transport.ReplicationTransmitter">
            <Transport className="org.apache.catalina.tribes.transport.nio.PooledParallelSender"
          <Interceptor className=""
          <Interceptor className=""
          <Interceptor className=""
          <Interceptor className="">
            <Member className="org.apache.catalina.tribes.membership.StaticMember" securePort="-1"
                    host="**.**.**.**" port="****"

        <Valve className="org.apache.catalina.ha.tcp.ReplicationValve" filter=".*.gif;.*.jpg;.*.png;.*.css"
        <Valve className="org.apache.catalina.ha.session.JvmRouteBinderValve" />
        <ClusterListener className="org.apache.catalina.ha.session.JvmRouteSessionIDBinderListener"
        <ClusterListener className="org.apache.catalina.ha.session.ClusterSessionListener"
                                                          <Deployer className="org.apache.catalina.ha.deploy.FarmWarDeployer"

Any help appreciated,

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