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From "honyk" <>
Subject ProcessBuilder and waitFor prevents tomcat to continue
Date Mon, 14 Oct 2013 19:51:47 GMT
Dear All,

my web app executes long running external scripts. It is triggered on
startup (contextInitialized) and then regularly during the day.

When the app server needs to be restarted and this process is running,
tomcat waits till the process finishes.

When tomcat is starting, it waits again till processing is finished and
after that it continues in loading.

My script is executed via ProcessBuilder with waitFor flag. 

Is it possible:
1) to kill this external process automatically when tomcat is shut down?
2) to execute the script for the first time in any post-init phase? By this
I mean - my app is initialized so I can access the corresponding JSF setting
page and in the same time long running script is running. Now the page
cannot be displayed until process finishes.

I expect it is rather OT here in tomcat dicussion, but it is quite unclear
to me what I can expect from the app server here (if it can control this
somehow or it is solely driven by my web app settings).

Thanks, Jan

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