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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: [OT] FW: Tomcat 7.0.40 on Win2k8 occasionally does not deploy war file on restart
Date Wed, 04 Sep 2013 17:42:43 GMT
Adam Scarborough wrote:
>> Adam Scarborough wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> I was wondering if anyone can help
>>> We have an issue with with tomcat7 deploying wars on server2k8 which is
>> quite perplexing:
>>> Essentially the normal and desired procedure is that we build a new set of
>> wars (usingjenkins) which are then moved to an output directory, this
>> change in the output directory is detected by puppet, which then overwrites
>> the war file in the tomcat webapps folder and restarts the tomcat7 service
>> (we have hot deployment disabled and deployonstartup enabled) On startup
>> tomcat unpacks the war files to the folder inside the webapps directory. This
>> happens 95% of the time.
>>> However
>>> We noticed an issue occasionally that the new version of the webapp
>> would not be deployed after starting tomcat. At this point we noticed some
>> access denied errors (sometimes) when the deployment failed. At this point
>> we thought this may be due to windows file locking behaviour, At this point
>> we enabled antiResourceLocking in the hopes that these would go away -
>> They did however we still have a seemingly separate issue where webapps
>> deploy into the temp folder,and the log reports successful deployment with
>> no errors. However the version in the webappsfolder is not updated and the
>> previous version of the webapp is brought up by tomcat. We havebeen
>> unable to locate anything in the logs which might tell us what is going on.
>>> Any help would be appreciated
>> Just a little question to describe the issue further : are all of the above local
>> directories on that server, or are there network shares involved ?
> Puppet pulls the war files from a remote location (successfully). After this point all
files are under c:\tomcat7\  (c:\tomcat7\webapps and c:\tomcat7\temp)
Ok, that would seem to exclude what I'm saying below, which was the reason why I was asking.

Over a long time, I have noticed that in some ill-defined circumstances the very first 
access to a Windows network "share" is unsuccesful, while all accesses after that succeed

without further problems. I suspect that this may be due sometimes to some Windows "name 
resolution" which fails within some time limit.  I have never gone to the bottom of it, 
but it is such a real occurrence that I have taken the habit, in critical software, to 
make a first dummy access which can fail or not (and is ignored), followed by the real one

that counts and which then always works (or not, but then there is a real problem).

But again, that seems to be excluded here, so back to the original issue..

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