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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: tomcat7w.exe
Date Mon, 02 Sep 2013 17:17:57 GMT
Please do not "top post". It makes it difficult to follow the flow of the conversation.

> 2013/9/2 David Kerber <>
>> On 9/2/2013 12:22 PM, Markward Schubert wrote:
>>> I have a short question.
>>> Does the monitor exe do anything "magical" when a tomcat service is
>>> started
>>> the first time with it, in contrast to starting the already installed
>>> service with the windows service manager?
>>> In fact our application would not start until we start the service from
>>> the
>>> monitor exe.
>>> Of course this is something in our app, but there must be some external
>>> parameter, being "fixed" by running the exe first.
>> Did you maybe modify some of the Java parameters through tomcat7w?  It can
>> do more than just start and stop the service; it can also modify the
>> service startup parameters.
>> HTH!
>>> Monitor and servicemanagement both would be started "As Administrator",
>>> but
>>> with different results.
>>> After the Monitor was run once, the box seems to be in a "working" mode,
>>> so
>>> after that, we can uninstall the service and delete the folder and do a
>>> reinstall and everything would work, even without calling tomcat7w.exe.
>>> This also makes debugging for me a bit hard at the moment, as the only
>>> windows server 2012 box I currently have, is in "fixed" mode now.
>>> Any help is very much appreciated!
>>> Regards,
>>> Markward
Markward Schubert wrote:
 > Hi David,
 > well my colleagues claimed, they did not change any parameter, wich I have
 > to believe until I create a fresh windows 2012 image to test myself, but if
 > they were wrong and they DID CHANGE something, would this not be reset, as
 > soon as we uninstall the service with the service.bat?
 > As far as I understand, these settings, being managed by the tomcat7w.exe
 > stick to a specific windows service and would be lost as soon as I remove
 > the service. Or are there any parameters, manipulating the OS' settings?
 > The funny thing is in fact, that after a complete uninstall subsequent
 > installs works from then on.

And hi.
I do not know if this is the explanation to your particular issue, but consider the 
following :

1) what an "uninstall" procedure really removes and doesn't remove, is one of these 
Windows mysteries that are only accessible to wizards of the 7th circle, and mere mortals

like you and I can only ever hope to wonder at the results.

2) when you/they initially installed the Service, was it installed so that the service 
would run under the "LocalService" (or "LocalSystem") special account, or was it installed

so that the service would run under another user-id ?
If it was installed to run under another user-id, then one of the things that would happen

in the background, is that this other user-id would have auto-magically received the 
"permission to run as a service" on the local machine, which is not granted to mere mortal

And this would not "un-happen" auto-magically when you remove Tomcat from the machine.
That is just an example of one of the things which are not symmetrical between installing

and de-installing.  There are probably a lot more.

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