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From Mike Abernethy <>
Subject Re: 7.0.42 - tomcat-juli.jar not found on classpath
Date Thu, 05 Sep 2013 17:57:38 GMT

I'm not clear on what you're specifying.  First you suggest that there shouldn't be a file
tomcat7/bin/service.bat  but then later cut text from it.  The file exists on the
that I have on my laptop and on my server.

Here is the line from that file that I was looking at to properly set the classpath for tomcat-juli.jar. 
It seems to match what you pasted

set "PR_CLASSPATH=%CATALINA_HOME%\bin\bootstrap.jar;%CATALINA_BASE%\bin\tomcat-juli.jar;%CATALINA_HOME%\bin\tomcat-juli.jar"

From: Christopher Schultz <>
To: Tomcat Users List <> 
Sent: Thursday, September 5, 2013 12:42 PM
Subject: Re: 7.0.42 - tomcat-juli.jar not found on classpath

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On 9/4/13 4:42 PM, Mike Abernethy wrote:
> I installed Tomcat 7.0.42 on my Windows 2008 server. I have Tomcat
> 6 installed already and host multiple instances of tomcat in
> separate folders. I repeated this same process for Tomcat 7.
> 1.  Installed java1.7 2.  Unzipped the .zip 64-bit tomcat file into
> a folder C:\tomcat7 3.  Created a new instance folder called
> C:\tomcat-instances\project
> I registered the tomcat instance as a service in Windows with the 
> following arguments in a .bat file (this works fine for Tomcat 6)
> set SERVICE_NAME=project
> set CATALINA_HOME=C:\tomcat7 set JAVA_HOME=C:\java1.7 set
> CATALINA_BASE=%cd% call C:\tomcat7\bin\service.bat install 

Where did you get bin\service.bat? I just downloaded the 7.0.42 .zip
file and it does not include this script. (It's not in the .tar.gz
bundle, either, which I already had).

Did you take it from Tomcat 6? If so, this might be a Tomcat 6 problem
that you have make into a Tomcat 7 problems.

> However, when I start the service in Windows, it fails with the
> following error message WARNING: Failed to scan
> [file:/C:/tomcat-instances/project/bin/tomcat-juli.jar] from
> classloader hierarchy
> C:\tomcat-instances\project\bin\tomcat-juli.jar (The system cannot
> find the path specified) at
> Method) at<init>(
> Looking into the service.bat file, it looks like the CLASSPATH is
> supposed to be looking in CATALINA_BASE\bin and then
> CATALINA_HOME\bin for the tomcat-juli.jar, but it appears that it
> is not doing this.  It appears to be only looking in
> CATALINA_BASE\bin and failing.

Line 134 of the bin/service.bat you can find in the SVN tree[1] has
this to say:


So, Tomcat 7 definitely looks like it's looking in both CATALINA_BASE
and CATALINA_HOME (in that order).

If you *are* using the Tomcat 7 service.bat file, then perhaps you
have a file permissions issue: is LOCAL SERVICE (or whomever local
services run as on your version of Windows) allowed to read that path?

- -chris

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