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From Mike Abernethy <>
Subject 7.0.42 - tomcat-juli.jar not found on classpath
Date Wed, 04 Sep 2013 20:42:51 GMT
I installed Tomcat 7.0.42 on my Windows 2008 server.  I have Tomcat 6 installed already and
host multiple instances of tomcat in separate folders.  I repeated this same process for
Tomcat 7.

1.  Installed java1.7
2.  Unzipped the .zip 64-bit tomcat file into a folder C:\tomcat7
3.  Created a new instance folder called C:\tomcat-instances\project

I registered the tomcat instance as a service in Windows with the following arguments in a
.bat file (this works fine for Tomcat 6)

set SERVICE_NAME=project

set CATALINA_HOME=C:\tomcat7
set JAVA_HOME=C:\java1.7
call C:\tomcat7\bin\service.bat install

However, when I start the service in Windows, it fails with the following error message
WARNING: Failed to scan [file:/C:/tomcat-instances/project/bin/tomcat-juli.jar] from classloader
hierarchy C:\tomcat-instances\project\bin\tomcat-juli.jar (The system
cannot find the path specified)
    at Method)

Looking into the service.bat file, it looks like the CLASSPATH is supposed to be looking in
CATALINA_BASE\bin and then CATALINA_HOME\bin for the tomcat-juli.jar, but it appears that
it is not doing this.  It appears to be only looking in CATALINA_BASE\bin and failing.

Is this a bug?  I can get the process started by creating a bin folder in my CATALINA_BASE
and then placing tomcat-juli.jar there, but this is not the desired (or correct) behavior.

Many thanks,
Mike Abernethy

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