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From Chris Arnold <>
Subject Re: Multi-URL Access 1 Webapp
Date Sat, 14 Sep 2013 23:27:37 GMT

On 9/13/13 4:38 PM, Caldarale, Charles R wrote:
>> From: Chris Arnold [] Subject:
>> Multi-URL Access 1 Webapp
>> Tomcat 7.0.3 i believe
> Not bloody likely - 7.0.3 was never released.  If you really are
> running on 7.0.3, you need to upgrade ASAP.
>> We have a web app that you access from http://domain.tld/share.
>> What we want to do is have clients access the same web app only
>> from http://share.domain.tld. The domain part of that URL will
>> change per client. So, some will get to it like
>> http://share.domain1.tld and some will get to it from
>> http://share.domain2.tld. Can tomcat do this or should i take a
>> different approach?
> Assuming you get the various names registered in the appropriate
> DNS boxes, yes.  Read the Tomcat doc and wiki, especially these
> bits: 
> You can also use a filter to forward requests to the desired URL: 

>>I would say that it would be helpful to know how your webapp detects
>>which "client" is being accessed. Are you sniffing that from the URL
>>in a single webapp, or are you configuring a single webapp for each
>>client (i.e. multiple webapps concurrently deployed).
Not configuring a single app for each user. http://share.domain.tld hits apache and apache
should "forward" the connection to tomcat

>>If you are doing the former, then it shouldn't be tough to just sniff
>>a different part of the URL to determine the client. If the latter,
>>then you will either have to re-code your webapp to do URL-sniffing,
>>or just deploy your webapps into individual <Host>s with separate
>>appBase directories.

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