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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: not deployed for Tomcat 7
Date Sat, 03 Aug 2013 15:35:43 GMT
On 03.08.2013 06:06, srinivas yelamanchili wrote:
> Thanks Chris
> I installed the APR with  --prefix=/apps/mstrat/apache/apr-1.4.8
> The tomcat native configure had this parameter '--with-apr=/apps/mstrat/apache/apr-1.4.8'
> , so if it's building libtcnative i would expected it pick the from this
apr folder just to be sure 
> that the libtcnative and libapr in the deployed catalina lib folder are on the same page.
> I however noted your point (and valid) and will copy the libapr from APR lib manually
to catalina lib

In the world of native libraries
"--prefix=/apps/mstrat/apache/apr-1.4.8" isn't sufficient to "install".

The library needs to be found by the runtime linker. So you have several

- install it into a system default library path

- install it anywhere but configure the runtime linker to look for libs
in that place as well

- install it anywhere and set the appropriate environment variable to
inform the runtime linker about this place (for your platform

These are all general Unix/Linux things not really special to Tomcat Native.



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