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From Leo Donahue - RDSA IT <>
Subject Tomcat 8 Resources - webAppMount
Date Mon, 15 Jul 2013 22:08:08 GMT
Is this saying that one can mount a directory under WEB-INF with a custom path?  

One of my biggest struggles with JSF page navigation is placing resources under WEB-INF and
then figuring out how to navigate from a page that was forwarded to WEB-INF and that page
under WEB-INF also needs to forward to another page in WEB-INF.

The JSF navigation is usually one page behind the current page unless you explicitly redirect,
which you can't do if the resource is in WEB-INF, so I end up with a 404 trying to forward
from page1 in WEB-INF to page2 in WEB-INF.  The only solution I see is exposing the last page
in the root of the context or ditch the JSF framework and go back to straight servlets.

This new feature sounds like it would help, but wouldn't it defeat the purpose of placing
resources in WEB-INF?


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