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From "Howard W. Smith, Jr." <>
Subject Re: websockets questions
Date Fri, 05 Jul 2013 11:57:06 GMT
On Fri, Jul 5, 2013 at 3:40 AM, André Warnier <> wrote:

> We're still one level remote of thinking of any implementation, and trying
> to understand
> 1) how exactly websockets works

Most websocket implementations (RI/glassfish, atmosphere, tomcat, etc...)
are open source, so diving in the code is definitely an 'option' for
understanding how websockets work.

> 2) if that general "technology" is, today, sufficently mature and stable
> for us to develop an application based on it, or we should wait another 6
> months, a year,..

honestly, I think it is sufficiently mature, since websockets are becoming
the trend (incorporated in RI/glassfish/JavaEE7, I've seen recent tomcat
7.0.35+ releases that had websocket changes, no need to mention how 'alive'

i think it is more a question of feasibility for you and your team to join
in on the trend/fun...

> But we are a small outfit, and the fact that Google may be using it (with
> a backup team of 50 developers to shore up their implementation) does not
> really help us.

funny. google's backup team of 50 developers versus how many open source
developers using/coding atmosphere, tomcat, glassfish-websockets
(grizzly?). :)

> The reason why I put this question on the Tomcat users list is because it
> is a list I'm subscribed to, because I know that it is a good-quality list
> with little "noise", because I know that Mark and Rainer are - to various
> degrees probably - involved in Tomcat support for websockets.


> for the moment the general information available on websockets seems
> otherwise a bit "scarce".
true, but websocket open source code is plentiful and available. :)

> This being said, the information already gathered here on this list tends
> to vindicate my posting on it. It has already cleared up a number of points
> for us, and added a couple of questions which we did not think of asking.
> Thanks.
IMO (or maybe based on fact/history), not much chatter about websockets on
tomcat user list, but if you find your way to atmosphere google groups mail
list, there will be plenty of chatter over there. I will not encourage you
to venture over to atmosphere google groups and ask questions such as this,
since I'm sure the desire/goal over there is to post topics related to
'using atmosphere and any questions/issues while attempting to use
atmosphere and atmosphere's trunk (latest version(s))'. i'm definitely
someone that love to use latest versions of open source software.

sometime ago, when I migrated from glassfish to tomcat/tomee (so I could do
websockets, um, more effortlessly in my web app), I came across the fact
that Jeanfrancois (Atmosphere developer/committer) had something to do with
the websocket implementation in glassfish/RI, i think it is called grizzly,
but I could be wrong. I'm not as versed with glassfish/RI as I used to
be..when I was a glassfish 'user'. :)

FYI, at the moment, i'm not writing low level websocket client/server code;
i'm using PrimeFaces Push only/entirely, which is PrimeFaces + atmosphere.

definitely not trying to encourage you to use a certain framework; one
thing I like about Tomcat list is that there is a wide range of topics that
I can listen to and/or chime-in on, when interested and when feasible. :)

I love this user community (mail list).

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