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From Jose María Zaragoza <>
Subject Re: Share info across different sessions & servers
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2013 19:43:55 GMT
Thanks Christopher :

Maybe I explained myself badly
I really need to send messages to a specific web session , not share data

I need to pass some data ( message ) to a specific session from a remote
system ( a remote process from a remote system).
Finally, this data is passed to client's browser by AJAX Reverse

My idea is the session creates a dynamic Queue and it configures itself as
If I pass the Queue to remote process ( in message.replyTo() ) , the remote
process can send data to that specific session

I could use a RDBS but , in this case, session needs to create a thread to
polling on a share table. And I don't like this idea, sorry.

memcached sounds good but I don't know anything about it and I don't know
is is based on a event-driven architecture

I need

1) send data/message from a remote process to a specific web session
2) execute some code in this session
3) consume ( a.k.a, delete ) that message

Persistence is not a requirement but ActiveMQ allows it

I'l try it with ActiveMQ

Thanks again and regards

2013/7/2 Christopher Schultz <>

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> Jose,
> On 7/2/13 3:22 AM, Jose María Zaragoza wrote:
> > Thanks I need to share formatted text data  ( XML, key/value,
> > ...I'm not sure yet )
> >
> > I don't understand your comment about JMS . I will use a JMS broker
> > as ActiveMQ . Probably it will be embebbed into the same JVM than
> > Tomcat server. ActiveMQ supports  persistent messages
> While JMS may work, it's really not the right solution. JMS is a
> messaging service, and you want a data-storage service.
> > I could use a database but I don't want to be making polling every
> > X seconds by a session
> You don't have to pull any data that the user doesn't need, do you?
> If you don't want to use a RDBMS, how about something like memcached?
> I asked about using memcached a while back on this list and got some
> other suggestions as well (as memcached doesn't make a great fail-safe
> shared-data storage system... it's really meant to be more of a cache
> of data available elsewhere).
> - -chris
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