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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: JSVC - two processes running as root
Date Wed, 24 Jul 2013 15:49:12 GMT
On 24.07.2013 17:34, Rainer Jung wrote:
> On 18.07.2013 21:27, Shridev Makim wrote:
>> Hello,
>> We are trying to run tomcat7 as a daemon using JSVC in SunOS environment.
>> The compiled jsvc executable is owned by root. We have modified
>> that bundles with tomcat7 for our environment to run our tomcat instance.
>> When we execute this shell script, it creates two processes and both the
>> processes are owned by root as shown below (output of ps -ef | grep jsvc):
>>     root  9109  9108   2 15:15:03 ?           0:37
>> /doc/dmadmin6/product/tomcat7/bin/jsvc -java-home
>> /doc/dmadmin6/product/jdk6/jd
>>     root  9108     1   0 15:15:03 ?           0:00
>> /doc/dmadmin6/product/tomcat7/bin/jsvc -java-home
>> /doc/dmadmin6/product/jdk6/jd
>> We are running the shell script as a non privileged user (dmadmin6) and we
>> are even passing this user name with -user switch to jsvc. We were
>> expecting the child process (pid 9109) to be run as a non privileged user
>> (dmadmin6) in our case. Anyone else has experienced this?
>> Currently in production we have tomcat 6 configured to run with jsvc and in
>> that environment we see that the child process is running as a non
>> privileged user.
>> Thanks in advance for your help!
> Might not be related, but: Default shell on Solaris produces two
> processes when a command is called via
> sh -c "somecommand arg1 arg2"
> One process is the shell, the second one the command after "-c". This
> differs from Linux where you will only see the second one.
> /usr/bin/sh shows the behaviour, /usr/bin/ksh and /usr/xpg4/bin/sh do
> not. You could try to run everything with one of those other two shells
> to quickly check whether that fixes the problem. You'll have to
> experiment a bit, which shell(s) to switch, the one that executes
>, the login shell of user dmadmin6 etc.

Sorry, that has likely not to do with it. A more structured approach:

Process 9108 is the parent of 9109 so it seems the 9108 should go away
and not stay in the process table.

Use "pstack 9108" (or whatever the current parent process PID is) and
post the results here. That'll show us where it "hangs".

And probably it would be nice to use the latest version of jsvc so we
don't need to debug old problems.



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