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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Capture request/response bandwidth of webapp deployed in Tomcat
Date Fri, 19 Jul 2013 07:23:16 GMT
Shariq wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 18, 2013 at 2:59 PM, André Warnier <> wrote:
>> Shariq wrote:
>> ...
>>> Can I please get some more help with this, as I'm not sure how to proceed
>>> further??
>>>  Shariq,
>> I note that you say please, but you've already got 3 answers, 2 of them
>> pretty detailed, in just over 24 hours since your initial post.  Now you
>> are asking people to go dig into the code and give you precise answers on
>> specific lines of it.
>> Tomcat is free and open-source, and the people on this list are volunteers
>> who generally have a $ job which takes precedence. A bit of patience thus.
> Understood and thanks for all the help! I have dug deep into the source my
> self and was hoping to get some clarification on my approach, I am pretty
> familiar with the code base now so thoughts that may pop up to investigate
> further is just fine.
>> Maybe you are not getting the level of interest that you expect, because
>> people feel like you are trying to redo things that have already been done
>> ? or maybe because you seem to ignore the advice that you've already been
>> given (memo : for your stated goal, use the AccessLogValve and the log it
>> produces; process the log and you'll get what you are after, without overly
>> affecting the very operations which you are trying to measure).
>> Or else explain convincingly why that would not work for you.
> Alright, the reason is that we've built a activity monitoring system on top
> of cassandra, hadoop & hive, and want to reuse the same for all analytics
> related webapps too. I understand that we can use a tool that process logs,
> but that means we need to bring in more external tools, plus we are
> extracting more data for our analytics stuff, in the valve we've written.
> On the other hand AccessLogValve is a valve, in my understanding we should
> be able to write another valve and extract stuff similar to the way its
> done in ALValve. However in the custom valve we've written the output are
> different, hence my query as to the inconsistent behavior ...
Ok, understood. Unfortunately, I cannot help you further myself, but hopefully this 
explanation will motivate more people to try to help.

Note that a Valve is something specific to Tomcat.  If you want portability, then you 
should rather look at servlet filters.  A servlet filter "wraps" the webapp, so it is 
there both on the request and the response side, and it should be able to collect the 
information you're after.
With the previous caveats though : it will measure the times and data volumes around your

webapps, but not really the "bandwidth" (except in a very broad sense).

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