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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Capture request/response bandwidth of webapp deployed in Tomcat
Date Thu, 18 Jul 2013 21:59:36 GMT
Shariq wrote:
> Can I please get some more help with this, as I'm not sure how to proceed
> further??
I note that you say please, but you've already got 3 answers, 2 of them pretty detailed, 
in just over 24 hours since your initial post.  Now you are asking people to go dig into 
the code and give you precise answers on specific lines of it.
Tomcat is free and open-source, and the people on this list are volunteers who generally 
have a $ job which takes precedence. A bit of patience thus.

Maybe you are not getting the level of interest that you expect, because people feel like

you are trying to redo things that have already been done ? or maybe because you seem to 
ignore the advice that you've already been given (memo : for your stated goal, use the 
AccessLogValve and the log it produces; process the log and you'll get what you are after,

without overly affecting the very operations which you are trying to measure).
Or else explain convincingly why that would not work for you.

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