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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: servlet 3.1, etc?
Date Wed, 10 Jul 2013 10:18:25 GMT
On 10/07/2013 00:06, Jess Holle wrote:
> Is there an ETA (in terms of both a version and rough date) for Tomcat
> moving to the new spec versions introduced by Java EE 7?

Tomcat 8.

Implementation complete? Best guess is a couple of months. The more help
we get with the EL 3.0 implementation, the sooner we'll finish.

Stable? Best guess is late this year / early next.

> I'm talking about new servlet, JSP, EL, etc, specs, not about
> non-web-tier stuff that's not even part of Tomcat.

Servlet 3.1
Implementation complete. The HTTP upgrade code is very well tested as it
is used as the basic for WebSockets. The other areas are less well tested.

JSP 2.3 has minimal changes from 2.2 - mainly small changes due to
changes in EL. It isn't complete but could be within a day or so of the
EL being complete.

EL 3.0. The API changes have been completed. The current focus is adding
unit tests for the new API elements. Once the unit tests for the API are
complete, work will start on the new syntax. This is where the bulk of
the work remains for Tomcat 8.

WebSocket 1.0
Implementation complete. Both client and server code pass the Autobahn
testsuite. There are folks stress testing this implementation at the
moment and that has highlighted a few implementation (and spec) issues.
Those issues should be resolved (although I haven't looked at the dev
list yet this morning...)

So overall, I think progress looks pretty good. Folks that want to try
out these new features can build Tomcat 8 from trunk (it really is very
easy - ask here if you need some pointers). Snapshot releases are
available for those folks that want to help with testing but can't /
don't want to build Tomcat for themselves. Details on the dev list.


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