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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Help with crossContext="true" and getRequestDispatcher()
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2013 07:42:59 GMT
On 02/07/2013 03:28, Paul Hammant wrote:
> Hi Mark, thanks for the reply.
> I've modified to
> include scripts to reproduce the problem, and to show the two web-apps
> working separately, but not in the getRequestDispatcher(..).include(..) way.
> The scripts download an anointed version of Tomcat7, add
> the crossContext="true" attr to context.xml, and even copy the war files
> into the webapps/ folder.
> In the, which Github kindly renders into HTML on the front page
> of the project, there's instructions to build/deploy, as well as what URLs
> to click on to see the problem, as I see it.
> There are now three servlet-filters activated for different urls:
>   /a/IOutputMyThreadID  (class of same name)
>   /a/AIncludingContentFromB  (class of same name, extends IOutputMyThreadID)
>   /b/IAlsoOutputMyThreadID  (class of same name)

There is no Tomcat bug here. The bug is in the test case.

Since the test is for Tomcat 7, see the following sections of the
Servlet 3.0 specification for an explanation:
- section 6.2.5
- section 9.1


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