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From "" <>
Subject Re: Share info across different sessions & servers
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2013 07:14:40 GMT

What kind of data do you want to share? Just a view "bytes"? Is there an requirement concerning
Is this user=session related or do you want to share data in general? Usually if you have
a session id the lb will route your user always to the same container? What about session
replication, a database, terracotta?

JMS: i doubt this will be working... you need a persistent message or a container started
after the change was send will not noticed about it...


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On 02.07.2013, at 08:45, Jose MarĂ­a Zaragoza <> wrote:

> Hello:
> I need to share data between sessions running in different Tomcat server.
> I 'd been thinking about using a JMS broker (as ActiveMQ ):
> - when a new session is created in Tomcat A, it's created a new unique
> topic for this session
> - the session registers itself as listener of that topic ( the only one
> listener )
> - publish the name of this topic by some way , so it can be found by
> another session in Tomcat B
> I don't know if somebody has used something like this sometime, and how
> he/she did it
> Any suggestion/opinion  ?
> I'm not sure either use only one topic for all session created or one topic
> per session ?
> I think that one topic per session is more safe because if I use one topic
> for all sessions, if one message is not read quickly by one consumer ( a
> session ), could block the topic,
> Obviously , i'll define a TTL for messages/topic
> Thanks and regards

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