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From Omari Stephens <>
Subject How to get SSL connection information from Apache HTTPD over AJP?
Date Thu, 06 Jun 2013 05:23:47 GMT
Howdy, y'all

I'm working on porting a pure java CGI to a servlet.  I'm using Tomcat
6 behind Apache HTTPD 2.2.

At this point, I have everything talking to each other fine.  When I
hit the right URL on httpd, my servlet gets run.  yay.

My question: incoming connections to httpd are over SSL.  For the CGI,
apache sets user-identifying information in the environment, so that I
can read a particular environment variable and uniquely identify the
user making the request.

So far, I can't figure out how to uniquely identify the user from the
Tomcat side.  All of the obvious methods (like #getRemoteUser()) from
HttpServletRequest return null.  I see "JkEnvVar" at,
but either that only copies variables from Apache's environment
(rather than ones that it sets for CGI), or I'm not using it

Lastly, I'm not hitting Tomcat SSL directly because I depend on a
module that only exists for Apache HTTPD.


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