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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: Tomcat and PostgreeSQL
Date Thu, 06 Jun 2013 21:13:39 GMT
> From: Hector Del Mestre [] 
> Subject: Tomcat and PostgreeSQL

> The application was done with AppFuse architecture originally utlizando
> MySQL, but issues like licensing and client wants to use PostgreSQL.
> And that is where I'm stuck, because Tomcat (or rather the Java VM) began
> comsumir large amount of memory (I get 1.5 GB of RAM) when using the
> application and there comes a time when it is hung and not answers, and
> this is the only application deployed on the server.

You'll need to examine the heap and try to determine what the objects are that are consuming
so much space.  The jhat tool that comes with a Sun/Oracle JDK is useful for this:

There are also numerous profilers that will help with heap analysis; YourKit is a favorite,
but it's not free.  Google will help you find the free ones besides jhat.

> Tomcat need any special configuration to use PostgreSQL?

It shouldn't.

> Team Summary (Virtualized with VMWare):
> S.O.: OpenSUSE 12.3
> PostgreSQL 9.2
> Apache Tomcat: 7.0.39
> RAM: 4 GB
> Processor: 1 with two (2) cores.

Thanks for all that, but what you didn't tell us was the JVM version.

 - Chuck

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