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From Carl Dreher <>
Subject lost session in Tomcat 7.040 and IE8
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2013 04:26:46 GMT
I have Tomcat 7.0.26 running on Window7 Pro.  I also have Tomcat 7.0.40 
running on a Windows 7 Home Premium.  Both have the same website.  
(Obviously, I'm doing some testing.)

In the website, a user logs on and the user ID is kept in the session.   
In one of the JSP pages I have some JavaScript attached to an html button
<input type="button" name="" value="blah blah blah" 
(I'm using Struts.)  Now, here is were it gets strange...

During testing, I found that IE8 and IE9 both run fine against Tomcat 
7.0.26.  By that I mean, after the user logs on, the user ID is kept in 
the session.  After navigating around the site, if the user then clicks 
on the above button, the Struts Action class "" is able to 
find the user ID in the session.
The same is true of IE9 against Tomcat 7.0.40.

But if I do the above with IE8 against the site on Tomcat 7.0.40, the 
user ID in the session is empty.

To summarize,
                            |     IE8             |   IE9
Tomcat 7.0.26  |     ok               |     ok
Tomcat 7.0.40   |    fail              |      ok

Any ideas where to start looking?

- Carl Dreher

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