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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: How to get SSL connection information from Apache HTTPD over AJP?
Date Fri, 07 Jun 2013 10:11:57 GMT
Omari Stephens wrote:
> *phew*  Got it figured out, and now everything is working (including
> the JkEnvVar thing that I had set up)
> For anyone who runs across this thread in the future, the problem was
> that I was using a <Directory /> stanza to require authentication.
> Because Jakarta queries don't actually hit the filesystem, though,
> they don't match that stanza.  I ended up using the advice here:
> When I created a <Location "/nftest" > stanza that required
> authentication, the Jakarta queries started requiring authentication,
> and then all of the authentication stuff in Tomcat started working
> (with tomcatAuthentication="false", as described in my previous
> email).  Now all is well.
> Thanks again, Rainer,
> --xsdg
To make things even clearer, I suggest that you have a look at this page :

At the very end, the section "Using SetHandler and Environment Variables" describes an 
alternative syntax to the JkMount/JkUnMount directives.

In my view, this alternative syntax better "fits" with the standard Apache httpd "way of 
things" than JkMount, and makes it much clearer when various things happen with respect to

others (such as authentication, then proxying).

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