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From "honyk" <>
Subject Local VisualVM connection to Tomcat
Date Thu, 27 Jun 2013 20:31:43 GMT
Dear All,

I am constantly encountering PermGen errors despite quite high PermGen limit
(even 512m) and many options set - approx once a week under not heavy load.

I am trying to investigate what the app causes this, but I haven't succeeded
in reproducing it locally yet.

I found several articles about VisualVM (I hope it could help me to
determine some PermGen issues) and connecting it to the Tomcat. Remotely.
But I have no clue how can I conect the local VisualVM to tomcat that runs
on localhost.

Even here it is written:

Enabling JMX Remote
Note: This configuration is needed only if you are going to monitor Tomcat
remotely. It is not needed if you are going to monitor it locally, using the
same user that Tomcat runs with.

But there is no further description for that simpler (local) method. If it
is obvious, sorry, but I am lost here ;-)

Thanks, Jan

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