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From Darryl Lewis <>
Subject Re: Monitoring Tomcat - Delta Values
Date Fri, 03 May 2013 23:23:10 GMT
My choice of weapon is Melody:

On 4/05/13 1:19 AM, "Christopher Schultz" <>

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>In Rainer's talk at ApacheCon [1], he mentioned a number of
>JMX-inspectable values that weren't terribly informative on their own
>(e.g. number of total requests processed by a connector) but were
>interesting when observed as deltas of their previous value.
>I was wondering if anyone could recommend an existing tool to capture
>that data, compute the deltas, etc. or if folks just roll their own?
>This kind of thing could be very useful to lots of users and I was
>thinking of linking to an existing tool on the FAQ/Monitoring wiki
>page or writing such a tool and posting it there (similar to the
>check_jmxproxy Perl script I put up there for use with Nagios).
>Ultimately, I'm thinking that it might be nice to have a single script
>that can (given some configuration) take a JMX snapshot of Tomcat
>(probably through a filter that grabs only those values of interest),
>record the values somewhere (e.g. bdb, rrd, etc.), compute deltas
>where appropriate, and then publish to a monitoring tool (e.g. Nagios).
>As it stands in my environments, I typically have 4-6 check_jmxproxy
>processes that all take a single sample via JMXProxyServlet on-demand
>from Nagios. Though the scripts aren't terribly CPU- or
>memory-intensive, it seems like things could be streamlined with a
>tool that can take care of multiple samples and also provide this
>additional capability.
>Any ideas or suggestions? I'm motivated enough to build this stuff
>myself if such a tool does not yet exist.
>- -chris
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